Executive Vice President Salary

Executive Vice President Salary


Executive Vice Presidents are the right hand man of a CEO.  Second from the top of the corporate ladder, an Executive VP is responsible for making sure the company runs smoothly according to the CEO’s wishes.  They are the leader of all the Vice Presidents in the company.

By far, the highest salaries for Executive VP’s come from non-clinical organizations such as Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Research Organizations.


Physician salaries in this position range from 300k to nearly 1 million dollars.  See some of the hard facts below :

  • Dr. Christine Dingivan, Executive VP of PPDi – $893,025
  • Mr. Joseph Kleine, Executive VP of Epocrates – $739,783
  • Dr. Steven Frisch, Executive VP of Albany Medical Center – $671,529

If you’re interested in getting this position in the healthcare industry, you’re best bet is to have solid management skills, clinical experience, and industry knowledge.  If you’d like to pursue this job in the pharmaceuticals industry, you’ll need more research and drug trials related experience.  Some executives have 7+ years of experience prior to rising to a VP level.

An MBA might help you get there faster.  There are also several MBA programs that concentrate in Pharmaceutical Management that will help get your foot in the door.


Executive Vice Presidents are important leaders in their organization.  They run the company as a Chief Executive Officer’s right hand man and require years of industry-related experience.  Salaries can range from 300k to 1 million dollars.


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