Infectious Disease Physician Salary

Infectious Disease Physician Salary


When I think of Infectious Disease, I think of the TV Show : House.  He’s board certified in Infectious Disease and is a genius when it comes to figuring out even the rarest of zebra infections.

Okay, so the show is a little exaggerated.

Still, it’s the premise of an Infectious Disease doctor.  These physicians are specialists of all contagious, transmissible, and communicable diseases.  Think of all the bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, prions, and other creepy micro-organisms that can kill you.  Then you might appreciate an ID physician’s expertise in saving lives.


The salary of an ID doctor is generally higher than primary care physicians but lower than that of other specialists.  Why?  ID is not a procedural field and in today’s market, it’s procedures that make money.  ID is more about detailed history taking, clinical judgement, and lab markers.

Infectious Disease Physician Salary

Just how much do Infectious Disease doctors make?

The median salary is $189,457 for all kinds of ID doctors.  If you are just starting out of residency you might make $154,000.

Geography makes a big difference in salary as well.  The Northwest is reporting $235,000 for ID doctors while the West coast has the least at $154,000.  Majority of physicians are reporting salary ranges between $174,269 to $219,729.  About 10% are making between $250k to $600k.


5 – 6 years of residency and fellowship is required for this specialty.  First, you must do an Internal Medicine residency lasting 3 years.  Then, you do an Infectious Disease fellowship lasting 2 – 3 years.

There are currently 144 programs offering over 300 fellowship spots.  Last year, only 85% of programs filled which might mean that competition may not be as hard as other specialties.


Infectious Disease doctors are specialists in all kinds of organisms that cause infection.  Their salary is in the upper 100s to low 200s.  Training includes 2 years beyond residency.  They work mainly in a clinic with some hospital call.  If you are a master sleuth, like the likes of House, you might really enjoy this field.


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