Medical Sales and Marketing Salary

Medical Sales and Marketing Salary


The field of Medical Sales and Marketing has been around for a long time but only recently has there been a demand for physicians to enter this field.  Previously, you could have a bachelors degree and get a decent job but now, the competition has risen.  Now, employers are looking for doctors to take on this role.  What is medical sales and marketing?

Sales is an easy concept to explain.  It’s usually doctors flying to different healthcare facilities in order to pitch the company to purchase their product.  What can physicians sell?  Electronic medical records, consulting services, and even certain drugs.

A physician in the Medical Marketing business reviews all product-related materials used in promotion and advertising.  All those slides you see at drug rep dinners, pamphlets at the doctor’s offices or conferences, tv commercials, and press releases require an expert to make sure the materials are accurate, appropriate, and realistic.  Take the photo above.  It’s a screenshot I took from the Help, I need Help website.  They are the perfect example of marrying modern design and packaging with accurate medically related info.  A marketing success.


Medical marketers and salesmen used to make less than 100,000 dollars.  Now with physicians in the fold, the salary has increased.  The national average is now $156,026.  This is an 11.2% increase from last year which is a good testament to it’s stability in today’s recession.

Women make a significantly less amount of money, averaging at $112,118.  You also have to factor in what sector you work in.  Will you be working in biotechnology?  Pharmaceuticals?  Digital Media?  Managed care?  Each sector has a different salary range but the most lucrative sectors are biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.


Before, all you needed was a bachelor’s degree and industry experience.  Now, physicians have a leg up due to the extensive background in the actual market that these industries serve.  To stand out from the crowd, consider getting a master’s degree in healthcare management or marketing.  If a masters is too much for you right now, consider getting a graduate certificate in marketing to give you at least some formal education in the field.

Get experience.  Step up to the plate in your current job and offer to do projects related to sales and marketing.  This will help increase your resume and give you the experience you need to impress companies.


Medical sales and marketing is an interesting non-clinical field.  It utilizes your medical background to make sure the public is getting accurate information in an engaging way.  The salary is pretty good and seems to be holding well in the recession.  If you enjoy the business side of medicine related to promotional advertising, enjoy being creative and educating the public, consider this upcoming field.


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