Medical Career Salaries [infographic]

Take a look at this infographic.  It includes salary averages for Primary Care Physicians, Specialist Physicians, and Hospital CEOs.  What you have to be cautious with this infographic is the very nature that all the different specialties are averaged together.  We know that salaries among the specialists can vary pretty widely.  So take it with a grain of salt!

But anyway, it is still interesting to see a comparison of the costs of education vs salaries.  Especially when you look between physicians and hospital CEOs.  Hospital CEOs seem to have less costs but higher salaries.  But don’t forget, it’s very difficult to secure a position as a hospital CEO and may take many years of climbing the ladder!  This is something to consider also when comparing the medical jobs.

Finally, at the bottom of the infographic, you can see a simple graph showing the average length of residency in Primary Care and Specialist fields.

Medical Career Salaries [infographic]
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