DeVry buys Caribbean Medical School

DeVry buys Caribbean Medical School

In light of DeVry purchasing the American University of the Caribbean, I thought I’d do a little digging to see what kind of numbers I could find.

First, let’s get things straight.  When I first caught wind of the news, I thought DeVry University bought AUC.  In actuality, DeVry, INC is the purchaser.  This company is bigger than I thought.  It is the parent company to 10 educational institutions; 2 of which are caribbean medical schools : AUC and Ross University.  The company also owns a nursing college and Ross’s Veterinary School.

With it’s strong portfolio, the company has a net revenue of $330 million.  It purchased AUC for $235 million.  Their purchase was intended to increase their medical and healthcare division which is responsible for 26.5% of it’s revenue this last fiscal year.  The president of the medical and healthcare division is Mr. William Hughson.  He had a salary of nearly $875,000 dollars in 2010.

The acquisition is still very fresh and so AUC’s administrative salaries are unavailable at the moment.  I’m sure with the purchase there may be some staff changes too.  When things settle down and databases update, I will post more information about it.

However, I did find salary information for the president of Ross University.  Dr. Thomas Shepherd is the president of both the School of Medicine and the School for Veterinary Medicine.  His salary for 2009 was $714,688.  He has a doctorate in health administration and is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.  He announced his retirement as president this past May but will be staying on board until the hiring of his successor is complete.

Where’s my resume ….

By the way, if you are interested in going to or learning more about Caribbean Medical Schools, read this book for an insider’s perspective and success story :

DeVry buys Caribbean Medical SchoolDeVry buys Caribbean Medical School


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