Medical School President Leaves 700k Job

Medical School President Leaves 700k Job

Dr. Thomas Shepherd was the president of DeVry’s Medical International Division.  This division includes Ross University School of Medicine, American University of the Caribbean (medical school), and Ross University Veterinary Medicine.  But the key word = was.

He announced his retirement this past May at the age of 59 (lucky!) to spend more time with his family.  Dr. Shepherd was making over $700,000 per year in this prestigious position; $714,558 dollars to be exact.  That was a 2009 figure which means it’s more now plus any retirement benefits.

Dr. Shepherd has been in the medical education field for a long time.  He was previously president of Bastyr University for natural medicine.  Prior to that, he founded Royal Healthcare, Inc as a hospital management consulting service.  Just to let you know, he doesn’t have a medical degree.  He has risen the ranks of healthcare administration by first doing a Bachelors in it, followed by a Masters, and then a Doctorate in it.

DeVry just announced Dr. Shepherd’s successor, Dr. Andrew Jeon, who is a board certified anesthesiologist.  Big shoes (and salary!) to fill.

If you’re curious about how much presidents of regular universities make, I found this great article on which shows the salary as well as the house in which the presidents live.  One word = Wow.

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