Actual Physician Names & Salaries in the News

Actual Physician Names & Salaries in the News

Let’s give you a few names of real physicians next to their salaries.  Today’s list comprises state-paid employees.

California was recently scrutinized for having the highest paid prison doctors in America.  But other states have been exposed as well.  Here are 4 physicians from Illinois and California.

  • William Wood, the assistant medical director and staff psychiatrist at Singer Mental Health Center – $361,439.80
  • Alan Trounson, president of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine – $490,008
  • Robert Tharratt, a medical executive for prisons – $362,400
  • Karuna Anand, a prison staff psychiatrist – $566,029.21

Here are the two articles if you’d like to read more about them :


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