Top Physician Salaries at Howard University

Top Physician Salaries at Howard UniversityTake a look at this infographic that depicts the top 18 highest paid staff at Howard University and it’s hospital.

In that list, here are the ones that are physicians and their job function :

  • $752,424 - Dr. Edward Cornwell, III, HUH Surgeon in-Chief
  • $604,504 - Dr. Clairmont Griffit, Assistant Prof, Anesthesiology – School of Medicine
  • $551,550 - Dr. Wayne Frederick, director HU Cancer Center & division chief of HUH
  • $550,135 - Dr. Oscar Streeter, chair of Radiation Oncology Department and professor ‘09
  • $535,611 - Dr. Andre Duerinckx, chair of Radiology Department

Click here to go to the original article where the author goes into more detail about it and keeps the graphic updated.


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