5 Highest Salaries of New York Hospital Presidents

5 Highest Salaries of New York Hospital Presidents

Prepare to be amazed (maybe sickened).
Today, I scouted out how much hospital chief executive officers get paid.  It never cases to amaze me how high their salaries are.  A lot of negative press often surrounds salaries in health.

When I read through the postings and the comments of angry citizens, I get the feeling that the negativity stems from a public perception that health professionals must help patients not just with their illnesses but with their finances as well.

It’s interesting when you compare the press received around well paid actors, athletes, and businessmen.  Ryan Seacrest makes $244,000 PER DAY.  Annual = $61 million.  Wow!  He makes in one day what a specialists makes in one year!  I haven’t seen any pitch forks and torch comments about those kinds of salaries.  Just an observation.  I digress.

Here are the top 5 salaries of CEO’s in New York state.

(By the way, Ryan Seacrest got paid more for American Idol than Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson COMBINED.)

1.  Dr. Linda Brady, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center - $4,201,019.  She is a psychiatrist by training.    Her base salary is usually a little over one million and the rest comprise bonuses or pension plans.

2.  Mr. Tim McCormick, Unity Health System – $3,977,269.  Mr. McCormick has a bachelors and a masters in history.  He went on to get a masters in health administration in 1971 and has been the president of Unity Health System since 1973.

3.  Mr. Miguel Fuentes, Bronx Lebanon Hospital – $3,602,997.

4.  Dr. Herbert Pardes, New York Presbyterian – $2,819,216.  Another psychiatrist by training!  He has a running track of leadership positions including Chairman of the Association of American Medical Colleges, Dean of Columbia University Faculty of Medicine, and US Assistant Surgeon during the Carter and Reagan administrations.

5.  Dr. Kenneth Davis, Mount Sinai Hospital – $2,697,152.  Another psychiatrist?!  Prior to being a hospital CEO, Dr. Davis was Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai.  He was also Dean of the medical school there as well.

So were you amazed or sickened?

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