2013 Match Statistics

Congratulations to all who have matched at a residency program!  Another Match season has passed.  Here’s a look at the stats :

  • U.S. citizen IMGs and foreign-national IMGs match rates rose by four and seven percentage points!
  • More U.S. seniors matched to primary care specialties
  • Total Match registrants = 40,000 which is the largest pool in NRMP history
  • Total number of positions offered = 29,171 which is 2,399 greater than last year and in part due to a change in policy that requries programs to register and attempt to fill all of their spots.
  • Percentages of students who matched
    • U.S. allopathic graduates – 93.7%
    • U.S. osteopathic graduates – 75.4%
    • Graduates of Canadian schools – 66.7%
    • U.S. international medical graduates – 53.1%
    • Non-U.S. international medical graduates – 47.6%

Best of luck to those beginning their next step in medicine!  I’m happy to know that more IMGs are matching into programs and that more spots are being opened up for everyone to grab.  The fact that more U.S. seniors matched into primary care specialties this year could be a good sign.  Unless, they pursue fellowships in the future of course since IM and Peds have that ability.  Time will tell.

For those who didn’t match, research this website and others for options on what to do next.  Contact me if I can be of assistance.

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