LocumTenens.com releases vague survey

LocumTenens.com releases vague survey 

It’s great when salary surveys get published but irritating when there’s no way for us to properly gauge it’s worth.  How many physicians were queried?  How many actually responded?  Without this information, you can’t really tell whether the information can be trusted to represent a realistic average.

Okay, many survey’s aren’t representative of actual numbers because it doesn’t count benefits like pension plans, bonuses, 401k matches, etc.  But let’s get real, we want to know numbers and so salaries are the usual variable to judge any job’s compensation.

LocumTenens released a series of reports on salaries for the 10 medical specialties they offer recruiting services for.  The reports are good in that it tells you the geographical distribution of the physicians as well as the years of experience alongside compensation.  Unfortunately, there’s no mention as to how large-scale their survey was.  Was it 50,000 physicians or 100?

Too bad, because I would be interested to know how accurate the information is.  But, if you’d like to find out the numbers anyway, the reports can be found by clicking the links below.

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