The Ultimate Physician Compensation Survey 2013

Medscape has finally released the results of their massive 2013 survey.  They’ve been doing this for the past 3 years and the results are always interesting.  The data comprises information from 21,878 physicians across 25 medical specialties regarding the 2012 fiscal year.  I cherry picked some key points I thought you might find interesting :

  • The 3 top earning specialties this year are the same as last years : orthopedic surgery ($405,000), cardiology ($357,000), and radiology ($349,000).
  • Endocrinology and Oncology were the only specialties who had a decrease in income.
  • Roughly half of physicians feel fairly compensated and half don’t.
  • Concierge and Cash Only practices are on the rise (albeit a slow one) but joining ACOs jumped up from 3% to 16%.
  • 23% of doctors will drop insurers who pay poorly.
  • 71% of doctors spend up to 14 hours per week on paperwork.  18% spend 15-24 hours.  9% spend more than 25 hours per week.  (wow)

I think the most powerful slide for me is this one because it speaks to career satisfaction.  It’s something I value greatly and think about often.

The Ultimate Physician Compensation Survey 2013

What do you think of the survey?

For the full results, click on the link below:

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