Excellent new physician salary calculator

Jackson & Coker have released their 2013 Physician Salary Calculator and it’s pretty great.  You can select from 24 different medical specialties and see the national average compensation as well as the average compensation received in benefits.  The benefits part is something I haven’t seen displayed before so that is interesting to learn.  Although, I would have liked to know what was included in the Benefits, ie: sign on bonus, retention bonus, pension, 403b match?

Regarding the selection in the calculator, 24 medical specialties is by no means comprehensive of all the kinds of career paths available but it has the most common fields one might go into.   The calculator gets it’s data from over 417,000 physicians in the Jackson & Coker database, as well as from other major surveys.  Check it out!

To access the calculator, click the image below or go here:

Excellent new physician salary calculator


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