Site Update

Hello folks!

I am writing from the hospital today. I just wanted to give you a quick update on the site. Over the weekend, I added a couple things that are meant to be helpful.

The first is located within the sidebar. It is a complete list of specialties right next to the average salary for that specialty. It gives you a birds eye view of the salary potential for different physician specialties. You can also sort the list from Hi to Lo or vice versa and you can also search quickly. I’ve also added links to it so you can access further information about the specialty by clicking within the list.

The second & third is a popup window and attention bar at the top when you enter the site. It’s main purpose is to inform you to maximize your browser window. Why? The WordPress theme I’m using has a feature called Responsive Layout. That means no matter what your screen size is, the site will adapt to it to keep the site’s size the same. Exellent for mobile phones. What’s The drawback? If you have a small window on your laptop, the site will also be adapted which means you won’t be able to see all the goodies I’ve put in the sidebars! The sidebars will be displaced to the bottom of the site. I’m working on a solution but for now the popup and attention bar serve as your reminders. Also, the popup window is great for social sharing so please, if you like what I’ve written, pass the site to your friends!

That’s it! Hope it was helpful. If not, let me know in the comments below!


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