MD Salaries Update

Hey readers, I just wanted to update you real quickly on some changes to MD Salaries.  I’ve tweaked the Categories on the right so that it’s easier to navigate.  Before, clicking on the specialty name would bring up the post summary for that specialty.  It would require you to click again to read the whole article.  Very annoying.  Now, you just need to click on it once and get the full article from the get-go.

Now, I am working on re-tagging all posts to make finding things a little easier.  Ideally, it will culminate in a tag cloud that will be more visually appealing and help you find topics that aren’t necessarily in the categories list.

And finally, there is one more item up my sleeve but I’ll keep it a secret for now.  It’s going to be pretty neat and hopefully bring some awareness to this blog.  So stay tuned and thanks for reading MD Salaries!  If you like the content here, be sure to tell your friends and like us on Facebook!

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