Welcome to the new MD Salaries home

Dear Readers,

Thanks for joining me at MD Salaries’ new home with it’s very own dot com domain! It came at a hefty price but I believe it’s worth it for you to access the website a little easier. It’s easier to remember at least!

I’ve moved all posts from Blogger over to here on WordPress. As you can see, the template is much different than the previous one. Currently, I am organizing the main menu so that you can access the physician salary articles according to fields that physicians can work in. This WordPress template has a Responsive feature, which means that it will maintain it’s style even if you look at the site on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. However, I have noticed some discrepancies with the navigation so please bare with me as I optimize the menu bar.

In addition, I will also be updating the content, tags, and auto-posting to the Facebook Fan Page and my twitter account.

As always, thanks for being a reader and I hope you find the site useful!


Dr. Huynh

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